The Ultimate Educator's Bundle

The Ultimate Educator's Bundle

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The 2020 Ultimate Planning Bundle for Educators 

The Ultimate Educator's Bundle includes all 3 Products:

  • 1 x  Personal Reflections Journal RRP $49
  • 1 x Planning Diary for Educators RRP $59 
  • 1 x A3  Planning Calendar for Educators RRP $39
  • Exclusive Membership to the online Reflections of an Educator Resource Hub 

Personal Reflections Journal

Inside our Personal Reflections Journal...

This beautiful double page spread is perfect for capturing all the books and publications you wish to read or remember. We even added some folders and children's book spaces. Once you've read the books you can colour them in. 

Who can keep track of their favourite influencers and social profiles? You can! Using our "My Facebook" and "My Instagram" pages you can capture your favourite hashtags, profiles and pages throughout the year so you never lose them again!



Our Journal includes our unique monthly planning wheel for you to capture important dates, birthdays, PD, anything you need to remember. 



Got an idea or important thought to capture? Use our "Hold that thought" page design. Pop it in the middle or outside - make it yours with colours, stickers, post-its, doodles drawings and more!

The Personal Reflections Journal is A4 spiral bound Journal and your new best friend. 

The journal is un-dated so you can begin exploring the pages and collecting your personal reflections any time in the year and use it for a 12 month period.

Inside our 2020 Planning Diary for Educators...

Spiral bound for easy writing, and full of beautiful illustrations to reignite your creative spark!

Shown above is your Monthly Planning Wheel for you to note down birthdays, holidays, and any important events or dates you want to remember. We've added lots of room in the diary for notes and doodles, like our note page shown on the right-hand side.


Here are your Monday & Tuesday daily planning pages. Each daily page has a dot grid background so you can plan, take notes, or personalise with embellishments. We've added planning panels for 'Curriculum decisions', 'To-Dos', and 'Communication'

"Our Thinking" is a page to note down ideas and thoughts with some thought-provoking prompts running down the side and across the bottom. 


On the right-hand side is a "Team Meeting" page for taking notes and action items during your monthly meetings. You have both of these pages in each month.
Your 2020 Planning Diary for Educators is designed to be portable and functional, but also beautiful in design. Above we have two pages that will appear at the end of each month.


"Significant Moments" is a handy page to capture post-it notes and bits of paper you may have used to jot down ideas or moments in time during the past month.


Use the weekly "Opportunities and Possibilities" page to plan and reflect. Pop in an inspiring quote, or perhaps quote something amazing a child said during the week. Sharpen your focus and get excited about the week ahead!


Inside Our Perpetual Planning Calendar

Designed with the educator in mind, our perpetual monthly calendar has a fun and inviting design with spaces allocated for brainstorming and planning.

This product features a perpetual calendar, blank pages for mind mapping, photo collages, writing, drawing, documenting children' learning using photos and narratives.

It's an open-ended planning solution in a world constricted by highly prescribed templates and checklists. This calendar, is one you make your own. 










A perpetual layout that enables you to start at any point in a year and finish the following year. 

Featuring four blank pages per month with some that have inspiring quotes.  These pages are where educators can web, document, plan in any way that speaks to them and their learning communities. 

One educator uses her blank pages to create a pin board of ideas and illustrations and photos to show her team her vision. 



  • Size: L 46.9cms | W 35.3 cms | H 5cms | 
  • Weight: 2.1 kg


  • Size: L 32.9cms | W 23.6 cms | H 3cms
  • Weight: 700g approx


  • Size: L: 46.9 cm | W 35.3 cms | H 2cms | 
  • Weight: 800g approx
  • Pages: 50+
  • Spiral bound + colour cover.