2018 Ultimate Educator's Bundle (Journal + Diary + Calendar)

2018 Ultimate Educator's Bundle (Journal + Diary + Calendar)

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The 2018 Educator's Bundle includes all 3 Products, including:

1 x Personal Reflections of an Educator Journal ($59 RRP)

1 x 2018 Planning Diary for Educators ($59 RRP)

1 x A3 2018 Planning Calendar for Educators ($59 RRP)

Total value $177 RRP!


ESRE Ultimate Bundle


Inside our Personal Reflections on an Educator Journal...

ESRE Journal Bookcase

This beautiful double page spread is perfect for capturing all the books and publications you wish to read or remember. We even added some folders and children's book spaces. 

Record your favourite Podcasts or stations you want to access. 

In our Wish List, note your wants and needs on either side of the dandelion to look back on them throughout the year. 

Inside our 2018 Planning Diary for Educators...


ESRE Planning Diary


ESRE planning Diary

Shown above is your Monthly Planning Wheel for you to note down birthdays, holidays, and any important events or dates you want to remember. We've added lots of room in the diary for notes and doodles, like our note page shown on the right-hand side. 

ESRE planning diary

Here are your Monday & Tuesday daily planning pages. Each daily page has a dot grid background so you can plan, take notes, or personalise with embellishments. We've added planning panels for 'Curriculum decisions', 'To-Dos', and 'Communication'


ESRE our thinking


"Our Thinking" is a page to note down ideas and thoughts with some thought-provoking prompts running down the side and across the bottom. 
On the right-hand side is a "Team Meeting" page for taking notes and action items during your monthly meetings. You have both of these pages in each month.
Each page has a different illustration beside the days of the week.


ESRE Significant Moments


Your 2018 Planning Diary for Educators is designed to be portable and functional, but also beautiful in design. Above we have two pages that will appear at the end of each month.


"Significant Moments" is a handy page to capture post-it notes and bits of paper you may have used to jot down ideas or moments in time during the past month.


Use the weekly "Opportunities and Possibilities" page to plan and reflect. Pop in an inspiring quote, or perhaps quote something amazing a child said during the week. Sharpen your focus and get excited about the week ahead!
Inside our 2018 Planning Calendar for Educators...


ESRE planning calendar


ESRE planning calendar inside pages


ESRE planning calendar writing


ESRE planning calendar writing


ESRE planning calendar inserts

Bundle Specifications:

Size:  L 46.9cms | W 35.3 cms | H 6cms
Weight: 2.8kgs approx





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