Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I ordered my ESRE eBook product - how do I download it?
To access our eBook products, complete the check out process. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email from ESRE asking you to confirm your email address. Please click the confirm button. Once your email address is confirmed you will receive an email with the eBook download link. Please note that you will receive separate emails for each ebook as they have unique download links. 

IMPORTANT: Please check your SPAM and Promotions folders for our eBook emails.

Q: I ordered my ESRE products - how soon will they be shipped?
We have specialists on the job! The incredible team at ECom Logistics in Sydney package and handle orders during business hours on weekdays. While every effort is made to ensure speedy delivery, orders may take up to 10 business days to reach you, particularly if you live in a rural area. Public Holidays may impact these times.

Pre-order sales are a super special discount that we run between October and December each year. We aim to post pre-orders in the first week of December, however, printing issues can hold up the process. We do guarantee that pre-orders will be posted by 31st December of each year. We'll keep you updated via email during the pre-order period.

International orders may take up to 4 weeks. 

Q: I received a tracking ID email. Why are some orders posted by Australia Post and others by other carriers?
The specialists at ECom Logistics know their stuff. We trust them to make a decision for your order based on everything they know about shipping and handling (it's their job after all, and they're great at it!). After considering the size of your order, destination, day of the week, specific information they have about each carrier, the team at ECom Logistics will typically choose either Australia Post, Sendle couriers. or another courier. They'll notify you as soon as your order has been processed with a tracking ID number so you can keep an eye on your parcel while it travels to you. 

Q: When I ordered, the price of my order increased at checkout. What is the break down of additional charges?

A: We use Shopify to process your order and payment. Shopify calculates taxes and shipping at check out. This is because we sell to Australian AND International educators, therefore, it is only possible to calculate both the shipping and taxes required at checkout as these will vary depending on where you are ordering from. This is necessary to ensure you only pay the amount you are required to.

Q: The ESRE publications look super exciting and I can't wait to get my hands on them! But before I order, I'd like to see some sample pages. Can you show me some?

A: For sure! We would LOVE your feedback on what you think of them, too! Go to our online shop and have a browse through each product. Don't forget to check out our super special bundles if you're interested in more than one product. If you have feedback on the pages you see, please tell us all about it at

Q: Why does the Diary have 50 weeks instead of 52?

A: We designed the Diary for educators and we know some centres close over Christmas. Also - the diary is already a door stop of a product weighing in at 1.6kgms so we didn't want to add to the bulk. But we may add them back in for future versions based on your feedback.

Q: I am an ethical shopper. Can you tell me a little more about how the team at ESRE have considered ethics? 

A: We are so proud to say that the founders (Gabrielle Flavin and Sandi Phoenix) have had ethics at the forefront of every decision since the creation of ESRE. How so you ask? Here's where we are at: 

* ESRE was founded by two women who were already in business who wanted to create a community of educators that could learn from each other, and use a product that was made for them with flexibility and individuality in mind. So we employed a couple of other incredible women and we got started. Ethics was at the forefront of every conversation. When you buy ESRE, you're buying from an independent local business that utilises and supports other independent local businesses. 

* Our first barrier - graphic design. Outsourcing design was always going to be necessary because none of us were graphic designers. But we chose not to outsource to anyone who could do it the cheapest. We wanted the best. We found ANOTHER incredible woman, an entrepreneur / graphic designer in Sydney, Sonya Forrest of Sonya's Soul Foods and we got started. 

* Our second barrier - sourcing the printer. The cheapest option would obviously be to outsource printing to an overseas supplier. However, determining the quality of the printing factory, the fair pay and treatment of workers, and the sourcing of materials would be tricky. So we engaged a local printer in QLD. We visited the printing press, and met the lovely team that would be working with us to produce these exceptionally high quality resources. 

* Waste has also been an issue to overcome. To minimise waste, we print diaries that are not dated, so they can be started at any time of the year (win/win right?!). Also, where possible we re-use the boxes and packaging that the diaries are posted to us in to send your orders out to you. We also print in relatively small print runs to minimise wastage.

* Shipping and logistics. ESRE started in 2017 with a bang. At that stage, we personally sent out your orders from the Phoenix Support for Educators office in Brisbane. In 2018, we realised we needed an expert in logistics to handle shipping. We employed ANOTHER incredible Australian entrepreneur, Niki from ECom Logistics. Niki is amazing because she saw a need for small business logistics, started a warehouse in Sydney, and employed a bunch of happy people who work under exceptionally good conditions to deliver your order to you in a timely and professional manner.  

* The team at ESRE are committed to ensuring your money is used to engage well paid professionals, high quality working environments, source quality, sustainable resources, all while allowing us to continue to innovate and produce new, exciting and relevant resources designed just for you each year. Thank you so much for supporting us to do that.