FAQ - Where can I see sample pages?

We have a fresh new 2019 edition of ESRE products for educators coming your way!

For those who loved the 2018 edition, the good news is, the design is largely unchanged. The even better news is - there is some fresh new graphics and stunning new covers so your documentation feels new and inspiring.

The new edition has some slight formatting changes based on feedback from ESREites. Like, a slightly smaller monthly planning wheel, to allow more room around the page for your jottings.

If you weren't lucky enough to discover ESRE products sooner you may have never seen inside one. Last year's products had some sample pages for a sneak peek, you can take a look at those here:

Inside the 2018 ESRE planning diary

Inside the 2018 ESRE reflections of an educators journal

Also, here is the video walk through we did at the start of 2018

Here’s the Calendar 

Here’s a fast video walk through 

That’s a lot of info about this year’s edition. Next year’s edition will have a very similar layout but different covers and some minor tweaks in design. We'll let you know when the 2019 ESRE edition sneak peeks are available 😊

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