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I love it! I just love my personal reflections book. It has so many inspiring pages and I love how I can individualise each page. I love getting it out and colouring and drawing, oh yeah, and reflecting. Her hee. Seriously, I love it. Thank you

Janine J.

Back on track! I’d gotten into such a funk with paperwork, it was such a chore and so very overwhelming. I just needed a tool to help organise my thoughts and create some better habits, and here I am feeling so productive. My time management has improved ten fold and I am able to feel the passion again! Thank you ESRE!

Denielle T.

Love these books!These books are fabulous for an educator, new or experienced! I particularly enjoy the reflections book. It's creative and helps you work through all sorts of ideas and aspects of life in a reflective manner.

Loretta D.

Blog posts

A New Perspective on Self-Care

A New Perspective on Self-Care

Self-care is far more complicated than taking a bath ... I have started to realise that for me its about making decisions that impact my future self in a positive way, and while a bath is a form of self care, it's impact can be fleeting.

Procrastinating is postponing decisions, either for yourself, or someone else - even if that someone else is actually you, the you-in-the-none-too-distant-future. 

So I have been asking myself, asking the current version of me, what would future-version-of-me appreciate?

It's not about fancy baths or putting my feet up on the lounge with a glass of wine and putting on a face masque. It's about showing all versions of myself, past, present and future the respect that I deserve from myself. 

100 Ideas to Nurture Your Wellbeing

100 Ideas to Nurture Your Wellbeing

To inspire you filling out your own Wellbeing Bingo pages, I have come up with a list of 100 ideas for you to nurture your own wellbeing. 

Wellbeing is all the rage these days, and deservedly so. It is so critical to our ability to function and be ourselves. To be the best you you can be, you need to take care of yourself. We so often put others first. In fact, we are often conditioned as caregivers - both as family members and professionals - to care for others. We put ourselves, and our needs on the back burner. We leave ourselves to the last minute. We often care for ourselves when we reach a point of burning out, or just before. 

In our Reflections Journal we have given you a double page spread and a game - Wellbeing Bingo.

Reflections and Confessions of a Collage Addict

Reflections and Confessions of a Collage Addict

Using Collage Art in your Reflective Journal  Got some magazines? Got some scissors? Got some glue? Congrats, you’re joining my new cult. It’s call...